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February 18, 2018

Queuing and Buffering

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The objective of this pattern is to provide reference implementations for queuing and buffering requests, in order to to achieve reliability i.e. minimal message loss in Collibra integration flows, when such robustness is needed. An an example, consider the scenario where data issues are flowing into Collibra DGC from Atlassian JIRA. In this scenario, message loss must be avoided. Ideally, the chronological order of messages also need to be maintained in order to ensure a first-in-first-out delivery to Collibra. In this scenario, it would be useful queue up requests from JIRA using a message queue. In this pattern, our examples are implemented using ActiveMQ. However, any other message queues may be used.

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Release Notes

Initial release:

  • The template is intended to be part of larger project, not standalone, for production.
  • For demonstration purpose this package can be run independently to illustrate features.
  • Anypoint Studio 6.x+
  • Mule ESB runtime 3.8.x+
  • For running the example only:
    • ActiveMQ Server
    • ActiveMQ dependency in pom.xml 5.6.x+
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