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Policy Enforcement

Published by: Data Trust Associates
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Policy Enforcement:

The Policy Enforcement solution is part of our Smart Compliance layer and will help you to validate and enforce your policies within your applications and data sources.

Organisations are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to following up on retention periods and making sure no data is stored after this period. Typically, the following questions tend to rise, upon execution of a retention process:

  • Which data do I have to delete?
  • How can I delete data of just one or a few people?
  • Should I delete the data or anonymize it?
  • What are the different retention periods used within the organisation and how are they linked to my data?
  • In which applications and data sources can I find the data to be deleted?
  • Is there a way to automate deletion or anonymization based upon my policies?

Without a clear view on your data lineage, this will become very time-consuming task.

To answer to these questions, we have developed the Policy Enforcement solution.

As Collibra is your Data Governance system – using business and technical assets – it knows where all your data is stored and what it means.

You can get the most out of Collibra by using it as an orchestration solution. By orchestrating the deletion of data within your applications and data sources – you can surgically remove data at low risk.

Deletions can be done both based upon retention periods defined in your Policies and Processing Activities, as well as data subject deletion requests.

Main Business Benefits:

  • Increase your GDPR compliance; as you do not store data longer then required by your policies and Register of Processing Activities
  • Increase efficiency by automating data deletion
  • Avoid the hassle of having to search for and ask multiple resources to analyse and then delete data in various systems  (this can mount to a 400% reduction in cost & effort).
  • Reduce the risk of deleting the wrong or too much data
  • Maximize your Collibra Data Governance capabilities

The Policy Enforcement solution is part of a bigger picture where we bring the Data Protection and Data Governance world together to maximize the capacities of both.

Based upon the metamodel and data lineage in Collibra, you will be able to define which fields in which tables, schemas and database are to be deleted.

Knowing where your data comes from, makes it possible to trigger the actual deletion within your applications and data sources using an API Gateway. Once deletion is confirmed in Collibra and successful, a notification will be send confirming the successfulness of the deletion.

If you are interested in this solution, please have a look at the video below explaining the solution more in detail. Do not hesitate to contact Data Trust Associates (info@datatrustassociates.com) to provide you with extra information on installation, configuration and pricing.


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If you are interested in this solution, you can contact Data Trust Associates to provide you with further information on how to set up the workflows and customize them to your needs.

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