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OpenLegacy Connector – VSAM

Published by: OpenLegacy
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Until now, data retrieval and tracing its lineage from core and legacy systems have been complex and time-consuming. With OpenLegacy, it is easy to leverage legacy system assets including VSAM in a wide variety of ways through the enterprise. For VSAM specifically, OpenLegacy’s platform reads offsets in the COBOL copybooks to find the location of the VSAM files. Then OpenLegacy connects the legacy systems directly to the Collibra APIs without complex middleware. The integration is an efficient way to transfer metadata and data from the legacy to Collibra’s platform.

The Integration Benefits include:

  • Easy tracing of data lineage and impact analysis
  • No legacy skills needed – Integration is easily generated by a single Java developer
  • Access to current data – No snapshots – retrieving what data you need when you need it

The two companies together enable Collibra’s users to build a complete catalog of the data assets. OpenLegacy’s platform can quickly pull metadata for any legacy asset including tough ones like VSAM, AS/400, IMS, and even data only accessible through business logic in custom mainframe applications.

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