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NodeGraph data lineage integration for BI tools

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Confidently trust, understand and control your business data with NodeGraph’s fully automated platform.
Together with Collibra we offer your organisation full control of your data landscape – From where your data first lands to your data consumers.

NodeGraph specializes with field-level lineage, data discovery and documentation in your Qlikview, Qlik Sense, PowerBI and Tableau environment and seamlessly integrates with the Collibra Data Catalog



NodeGraph provides you with easy access and transparency of your company’s data and its sources. Knowing the what, where, how and why gives you confidence that everyone is using the right data to make actual, rather than assumed, decisions.


Organizations want to be sure of the validity of their data. NodeGraph makes this possible by tracking and tracing the origins, movements, and touchpoints of data to provide insight into its quality and uncover its value.


Being in control of your data means you can act confidently rather than reactively and it gives you the capability to scale. NodeGraph allows you to experience immediate control with comprehensive data transparency at your fingertips.


Better data understanding through collaboration can help a business to innovate and grow. NodeGraph’s intuitive platform makes data sharing across an organization much simpler which helps ensure the right people understand the right data to deliver accurate results.


Don’t waste time, resource, and money when the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market can do the work for you! Enable easy sharing of data throughout the organization, automate documents and testing and reduce errors.

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Release Notes

NodeGraph 4.0.2 Release notes:

  • Update user interface with IDs for Unit Testing
  • Container remaps in user interface
  • Added automatic documentation for Power BI
  • Added Live data set connection support for Power BI
  • Fixed binary load lineage for dropped tables
  • Fixed an error where extractions failed
  • Fixed an error log spam when recovering from let/set sync errors
  • Fixed an error with NPrinting – Exception when trying to connect
  • Fixed issue for SQL Connector – Case Sensitive Include DBs
  • Fixed an issue where PowerBI – Connector system alias was not mapped from sql data source
  • Fixed an issue were Qlik – Transformations bypass resource usage was not handled correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Reports – No result in Application Usage
  • Fixed an issue where Qlik – Sense meta data not populated on nodes
  • Fixed a Documentation Content Sheets bug
  • Fixed an issue with QlikScriptParser – URI Encapsulation
  • Collibra Platform 5.7 and newer
  • N/A
License and Usage Requirements
  • NodeGraph

No previous versions of this listing is available.

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Weekdays (non-holiday) office hours between 08:00-17:00 CEST

NodeGraph licensing

All NodeGraph licenses are sold on a subscription model based on an initial period of 24 months. All prices listed in this price list is yearly prices that also is the amount that will be invoiced the customer on an annual basis.


Add-ons & Integrations

The Add-Ons and Integrations are priced separately from the pillars.


Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs will be sent upon Quote request.


Upgrade rules for existing customers:

For a customer that already has a NodeGraph license the following is valid for upgrade to NodeGraph version 4.0:

  • All existing customer in all tiers up to 1000 users will be classified as Commercial
  • All existing customer in the Enterprise tier will be classified as Enterprise
  • All existing add-ons will be transferred to the new status
  • The pricing for their current setup will stay unchanged but for all new additions to their installation the new price list should be followed.
  • For existing customers on a perpetual license model, it will still be possible to do new purchases based on perpetual prices (re-calculation of prices in this price list)


Licensing guidelines

  • All prices are subscription based on a 24-month period
  • The product levels define the maximum connectors, add-ons, etc that can be utilized per license type
  • In the Data Atlas pricing each package includes one BI Tool
  • For the Starter package it is not possible to run more than one BI Tool.
  • For Commercial, Enterprise and Premium additional BI Tools can be added according to the guidelines below.
  • To add a Data Source connector the Data Atlas license must be Commercial or above


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