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Manage auto hyperlinks

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Collibra Data Governance Center uses hyperlinks in text attributes to enable users to easily navigate from asset to asset.

In Collibra DGC, each asset is a potential “target” of a hyperlink. If the name of an asset is mentioned somewhere in another text attribute, that mention automatically gets a hyperlink to the corresponding asset. As users change data, Collibra DGC keeps all hyperlinks up to date.

If you want to prevent automatic hyperlinks to any asset in a specific domain, you can exclude the domain from automatic hyperlinking.

Collibra Data Governance Center no longer automatically creates hyperlinks to assets in this domain. In addition, Collibra DGC removes all the existing hyperlinks to these assets. However, you can still add manual hyperlinks that link to these assets. Once you have excluded the domain from automatic hyperlinking, the individual asset hyperlinking setting is overridden for all the assets in the domain. The check box for assets in the domain is grayed out.

To help Collibra DGC administrators in managing the domains, to exclude or include them from the automatic hyperlinking process, they can use the “Manage automatic hyperlinking” workflow. It allows them to select a community or domain type and update the setting for all domains belonging to it.

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Release Notes

Release v0.1 – Initial Release

Tested on the following versions: Collibra DGC v5.6 and will not work on prior versions than 5.x


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License Requirements

Collibra DGC v5.x

No previous versions of this listing is available.

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