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Looker Lineage Diagram View

Package Documentation
Current Version
5.5, 5.6
July 18, 2019
Use Case


Looker Lineage Diagram View can be used for exploring results of integrations in Catalog.

Physical Data Sources are represented by Columns, Tables, Schemas, Databases, and Business Terms.

Logical Data Sources are represented by Looker LookML Models, Looker Explores and Looker Data Attributes.

Report Attributes are the lowest common multiple of  Reports, Looker Spaces & Servers, and Business Terms.

Reports are represented by Looker Dashboard and Looker Look.

Linked to the https://marketplace.collibra.com/listings/looker-metadata-to-collibra.


More details

Release Notes

New diagram view to exploring the result of integration between Looker and Collibra DGC.


Collibra DGC 5.5, Collibra DGC 5.6

License Requirements

All specified here – https://marketplace.collibra.com/listings/looker-metadata-to-collibra/

No previous versions of this listing is available.

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