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Enhanced Data Discovery and Data Protection

Published by: PKWare
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CPI Collibra-PKWARE integration is a data management, data governance, and metadata harvesting framework that leverages sensitive data and provisions PKWARE reports and source metadata from the input data sources. Collibra integrates with PKWARE through a proprietary PK CIM framework, combining the governance capabilities of Collibra with PKWARE, which is used to address data discovery and protection challenges of sensitive data. The CPI framework allows enrichment and provisioning of metadata along with sensitive types of reports through PKWARE. Sensitive Types, PKWARE Scan Results are supported by PKWARE and brought under the governance umbrella of Collibra workflows for secure data provisioning without compromising the data privacy. Industry standard regulations and security practices are taken into account and based on the interacting entities, data usage (DU), data movement (DM), and data sharing agreements (DSA) assets are available to be leveraged per the organization’s requirements.

Business and functional challenges that are encountered in provisioning access typically include:

  • Lack of a centralized governance platform that controls access to multiple data sources.
  • Lack of data discovery and resulting protection challenges.
  • Data discovery challenges due to multiple metadata platforms and non-uniform discovery features.
  • Lack of finding, protecting and controlling the sensitive and personal data in organization.
  • Lack of understanding exactly what kind of data exists and where it is located.

The PK Protect suite offers solutions for above business and functional challenges. It allows businesses to better manage personal information and other sensitive data, combining extensive expertise, data-driven processes, and proven technologies to balance data usage with data protection for minimal risk and maximum value.

Collibra’s Data Governance Center can be integrated with PKWARE’s PK Protect to offer:

Enhanced Discovery/Classification

  • GDPR/PCI/PHI policies available OOTB
  • Quickly create custom sensitive types

Holistic Reports

  • PK Protect’s PII metadata is imported to Collibra reports
  • Governance teams can assess risk across the enterprise


  • Masking and encryption
  • Cross-platform support to remediate risk.

CPI Features:

  • Unified metadata harvesting, governance, management, and provisioning platform
  • Register data source and with sampling and profiling
  • Ingesting the metadata from RBMS into Collibra
  • Harvesters for PKWARE sensitive types reports from PKWARE to Collibra
  • Auto-conversion of metadata between PKWARE and Collibra formats
  • PK CIM integration with Collibra and PKWARE that acts as a bridge between the two systems
  • Workflow loads the scan results as reports and maps Top 5 reports (based on their Confidence Score) to the respective columns as suggestions
  • Automatically map Top 5 reports with the highest confidence score to column as accepted relation with suggestion relation, required attributes, and relation also added to that column
  • Maintains status for reports and columns according to the process progress




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