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December 1, 2018
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December 1, 2018

Ellipsis Collibra Bot

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The Collibra Bot has been designed to help companies adopt Collibra across teams and line of business. It lets you operationalize Collibra across your organization and brings Collibra data and workflows in Slack, MS Teams, email or SMS.

The Collibra Bot makes it easy to perform many operations, from simple business term queries to getting reports; from requesting the approval of a new term to capturing a discussion from Slack and storing it in Collibra.


Deploying the Collibra Bot takes only a few minutes and it works for Collibra instances in the cloud as well as on-premises.


Collibra Bot is highly customizable: the user experience can be easily tailored to your organization needs. The integration with your Collibra instance can also be tailored to fit your IT environment or use cases needs.

Multiple Data Sources

Collibra Bot can integrate with multiple data sources: Do you have multiple data catalogs? Are you interested in merging data from public sources?

You are not alone

The Collibra Bot is an application built on top of the Ellipsis Platform the next generation workflow and automation platform.  That means the Collibra Bot integrates with hundreds of systems and brings them to your business users in a seamless experience where they are already working.

We can easily customize and evolve the Collibra Bot to fit your need and the needs of your business users.

Talk to us and we can make it happen: m@ellipsis.ai


More details

Release Notes

This is the first release of the Collibra Bot.

Please see https://github.com/ellipsis-ai/collibra/blob/master/README for details.

  • Ellipsis Platform (www.ellipsis.ai) – Collibra Bot is an application written on top of the Ellipsis Platform.
  • Slack or MS Teams.
License Requirements

Ellipsis Platform

No previous versions of this listing is available.

Collibra Bot is licensed on a yearly subscription plan.

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