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DPIA Risk Automation Solution

Published by: Data Trust Associates
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DPIA Risk Automation Solution

The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a key GDPR requirement for many organizations these days.

Organisations are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to completing DPIA’s. Some are putting tremendous efforts into DPIA executions, leading to a very time-consuming process and DPIA backlog. Others put too little effort put into the DPIA’s, resulting in low-quality and incorrect results.

The DPIA Risk Automation Solution has been developed to deal with these challenges and increase efficiency and quality of completing DPIA’s.

With this solution you will be able to complete the DPIA by using pre-defined answers,  increasing your DPIA quality. By linking the pre-defined answers to standardized risks and mitigation activities – aligned within your organisation – you can reduce the DPIA lead time drastically (from days to only hours) increasing your efficiency and thereby freeing up time for other activities..

This solution is provided to you with clear user-instructions and consists of user-friendly and customized workflows which can be adapted to your requirements. The workflows are explained in detail in the videos below. Our easy-to-use templates – in which you can indicate questions, answers, reference data, risks and mitigations for the workflows – can be customized per your needs.

Main Business Benefits:

  • Free up time from your Data Protection office resources/DPO’s
  • Increase quality of your DPIA’s – thereby increasing your level of GDPR compliance
  • Increase your level of accountability – allowing you to better respond to internal and external (regulator) questions
  • Allow for a more broader audience to help in pre-validation of DPIA’s (DPO is always last validator)

Benefits, specific to the DPO and Data Protection team:

  • Integration with the Register of Processing Activities (RoPA) to keep it up to date:
    • Re-use of data already available in the RoPA
    • Create and/or update the output of your DPIA back into the RoPa
  • Flag and Follow-Up on risks
  • Review of DPIA’s on a regular basis
  • Track all steps and actions via audit trails
  • Analyse the outcome of DPIA’s in depth through BI tooling

If you are interested in this solution, don’t hesitate to contact Data Trust Associates (info@datatrustassociates.com) to provide you with extra information on installation, configuration and pricing.


Vendor supported resources

If you are interested in this solution, you can contact Data Trust Associates to provide you with further information on how to set up the workflows and customize them to your needs.

Please send your questions directly to the vendor via 📩Email vendor (9am – 5pm CET)


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