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February 18, 2018
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February 18, 2018

Combined sync and async processing strategies

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This pattern is intended to provide a reference for building hybrid processing strategies, when synchronous and asynchronous processes need to be combined. This pattern is implemented in Mule using the out-of-the-box components. For Collibra-related integration use cases, such hybrid strategies are generally needed when there is a large volume of records that must be processed, yet, real-time feedback needs to be provided back to the process that invoked the integration.

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Release Notes

Initial release:

  • The template is intended to be part of larger project, not standalone, for production.
  • For demonstration purpose this package can be run independently to illustrate features
  • Anypoint Studio 6.x+
  • Mule ESB runtime 3.8.x+
  • Java Runtime 1.8+
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