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Collibra to Apache Atlas Hortonworks Integration (M4)

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This integration template is designed to extract comments, tags and relationships metadata for a specified type from Collibra DGC and upsert them on the Apache Atlas Hortonworks instance.

The Apache Atlas instance allows users to store and assign tags to assets and also to add new fields to an asset. Therefore, this integration retrieves the Collibra DGC instance assets tags and relationships, stores them as tags on the Apache Atlas instance whilst assigning them to the respective asset. On the other hand, the Collibra DGC assets comments are retrieved and stored on the Apache Atlas instance as entity attributes. (Using the default configuration, the collibraComments attribute is used).


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Release Notes

Initial release. List of features include:

  • HTTP endpoint used to create an attribute for the specified type in the Apache Atlas instance.
  • Another HTTP endpoint used to:
    • Retrieve comments, tags and relations from Collibra DGC.
    • Upserts the above metadata into the Apache Atlas Instance.

Functionally equivalent to Collibra to Apache Atlas Integration 1.0.0 (Mule 3)

  • Collibra Cloud
  • Collibra 5.7 and newer
  • Apache Atlas 2.0.0
  • Mule ESB 4.2.1
  • AnyPoint Studio 7.3.4
  • Collibra Platform Connector 2.0.3
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8
License and Usage Requirements
  • Collibra Catalog
  • Data Dictionary
  • Collibra Connect
  • Apache Atlas

Release History

No previous versions of this listing is available.


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