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Collibra Tableau Metadata Integration

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Lucid’s Collibra-Tableau integration loads the Tableau assets into Collibra DGC. The Tableau REST APIs are used to pull in the Tableau assets like Workbook, Dashboard, Worksheet, Story, etc. and the relations supporting them.

Some key features:

  • Detailed metadata from workbooks and worksheets are extracted by parsing the workbook (twb) files
  • The template can push the definitions back to the Tableau workbook as hover help/tooltip
  • Asset extraction can be filtered based on specific Site, Project or Workbook
  • Target community in DGC for loading the assets can be specified
  • Source metadata is mapped to DGC asset types as indicated in the diagram below
  • Modification and Delete of the source (Tableau objects) are automatically captured and can be used to trigger actions in DGC such as asset status change, asset management workflows, etc.
  • Support for full load and incremental load. Incremental loads can load changes since the last successful execution or from a specific date passed as a parameter
  • Metadata loads can be scheduled or triggered on-demand
  • Connectivity check template available for environment verification
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