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Collibra – OneTrust Integration: RoPA Automation, Validation and Enrichment

Published by: Data Trust Associates
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Collibra – OneTrust Integration: RoPA Automation, Validation and Enrichment

The Register of Processing Activities (RoPA) is a key GDPR requirement for many organizations these days.

Organisations are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to creating, updating and maintaining a RoPA. For the DPO, as well as the business, this can be a very hard and time-consuming task. Following questions will definitely rise up during the process: How can we motivate the business to keep their processing activities up-to-date. Is it possible re-use existing information already available in our organisation to fill in the RoPA? Can we use data from Collibra in our OneTrust environment and keep it synchronized? How can we make it as easy as possible for the business to complete all the required information?

We are giving an answer to these questions with the RoPA integration package. This solution is part of our overall Smart Compliance layer and maximizes the capacities of both platforms, Collibra and OneTrust. The Processing Activities will be completed by the business in OneTrust using a user-friendly questionnaire. Once completed, data will be transferred automatically to the Collibra Data Governance solution using different APIs through an gateway. Processing Activities will be validated and enriched (if needed) by the DPO (or other responsible) with data already available in Collibra. The Collibra Data Governance solution will be used as a validation and enrichment tool as all information and knowledge with regards to personal data, it’s use and policies is in there. Once verified in Collibra, the updated information will be send back to OneTrust. In this way, both registers are kept in sync, leading to one single version of the truth available in both platforms.

More details on this integration can be found in the video below, or you can download the datasheet for an overview of the dataflow.

Main Business Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency; free up time from your data protection office resources/DPO’s
  • Increase your level of GDPR compliance
  • Increase your level of accountability
  • Increase business engagement
  • Maximize data governance capabilities

If you are interested in this integration, don’t hesitate to contact Data Trust Associates (info@datatrustassociates.com) to provide you with extra information on installation, configuration and pricing.


Vendor supported resources

If you are interested in this solution, you can contact Data Trust Associates to provide you with further information on how to set up the workflows and customize them to your needs.

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