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Collibra – OneTrust Integration: DSAR Automation

Published by: Data Trust Associates
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Collibra – OneTrust Integration: DSAR Automation

The Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a key GDPR requirement for many organizations these days.

Organisations are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to addressing and answering DSARs. Without a data governance connection, it is a very time-consuming task. Following questions will definitely rise up during the process: Have we covered all data? What do we have to provide? Which data do we have of a specific resource and where is it located? How do I obtain that data? Who do I have to contact to obtain this data (who’s the owner of the data and the impacted application, system, processing activity,…)?

We are giving an answer to these questions with the DSAR integration package. This solution is part of our overall Smart Compliance layer and maximizes the capacities of both platforms, Collibra and OneTrust. The Data Subject Access Request will be completed by the data subject in OneTrust and linked to the Collibra Data Governance solution using an API gateway.

Based upon data classification and data lineage, available within your Collibra environment; data will be located and owners of systems, applications and processing activities will be automatically identified. Tasks will be assigned to those responsible for the DSAR and the requested data will be uploaded on a secured location, which will be accessible through the OneTrust Privacy Portal.

More details on this integration can be found in the video below, or you can download the datasheet for an overview of the dataflow.

Main Business Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency; free up time from your data protection office resources/DPO’s
  • Increase your level of GDPR compliance
  • Increase your level accountability – allowing you to better respond to internal and external (regulator) questions
  • Maximize data governance capabilities

If you are interested in this integration, don’t hesitate to contact Data Trust Associates (info@datatrustassociates.com) to provide you with extra information on installation, configuration and pricing.


Vendor supported resources

If you are interested in this solution, you can contact Data Trust Associates to provide you with further information on how to set up the workflows and customize them to your needs.

Please send your questions directly to the vendor via 📩Email vendor (9am – 5pm CET)


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