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March 14, 2019
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March 14, 2019

Collibra Connect Hub

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Collibra Connect Hub provides a single self-service API, which facilitates connecting integrations to Collibra DGC and provides the following key benefits:

  • Easily discoverable and consumable functionality leading to simple development, testing and maintenance of applications.
  • Leveraging of the REST v2 DGC API, which abstracts and standardises integration with DGC and eliminates the use of legacy features.
  • Built on top of Collibra Connect and Mule ESB runtime
  • Multitenant – allows for handling multiple applications running against it
  • Supports metadata ingestion, simple and complex relations, data lineage creation (through metadata ingestion)
  • Uses DGC Connector 1.5.x
  • MuleSoft CloudHub ready
  • Supports no authentication, basic authentication (default) and basic authentication over HTTPS (contains prepackaged key stores for quick start)
  • Contains Postman collection with examples of API usage
  • Bundle contains 3 packagings – Standalone ESB runnable package, Anypoint ZIP project, Anypoint Maven enabled project
  • Check Microstrategy Object Descriptions to Collibra for a live example

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Release Notes

Initial release:

  • Display DGC status
  • Upload Mappings
  • Register applications
  • Upsert Assets
  • Upsert Complex Relations
  • Cloudhub ready
  • Collibra DGC 5.5+
  • Mule 3.8.x+
  • For Anypoint Studio, uses
    • ObjectStore v2.2.0
    • DGC connector 1.5.x
License Requirements
  • Collibra Connect

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