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AWS Glue ETL Lineage Integration (M4)

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Latest Release Date
February 11, 2020
Initial Release Date
February 11, 2020

We have made the decision to transition away from Collibra Connect so that we can better serve you and ensure you can use future product functionality without re-instrumenting or rebuilding integrations. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Advisory Manager.

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As ETL developers use AWS Glue to move data around, AWS Glue allows them to annotate their ETL code to document where data is picked up from and where it is supposed to land i.e. source to target mappings. It is those source to target mappings and data lineage information that is read from ETL scripts in Glue and sent to Collibra platform. This integration empowers ETL developers to properly communicate technical data lineage, directly from their code, without the necessity to blindly scan their code, which typically results in illegible data lineage diagrams.

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Release Notes

Added CMA file for DGC 5.7.

  • Collibra DGC 5.6.x, Collibra 5.7.x
  • Collibra Connect Hub 1.1.0
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8
  • Mule ESB 4.2.0
  • Anypoint Studio 7.3
  • AWS Glue Lineage Connector
License Requirements
  • Collibra Connect
  • AWS Glue

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Support is provided for the template as downloaded from the Marketplace, without changes to the way it works.

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