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December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Popularity ranking of Catalog columns (Oracle-based)

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Business value

This workflow helps Catalog users to quickly identify which columns are used by other users the most frequently.  This is especially valuable for a newly hired employees who are just starting to learn about the data landscape in the company. It is also highly valuable when seasoned data analysts start looking into data from other departments. Having a popularity score gives a great starting point and overcomes the need to contact the other team right away.

Implementation details

Popularity rank is based on analysis of SQL queries which are stored in database query log. For every column we calculate number of occurrences across all queries.

The”Rank” itself is represented by a keyword trendy/medium/low which is stored in the attribute called popularity in Catalog. The number in the brackets represents the popularity position within the table. Example: medium(15).

Mule workflow

  • Connects to Oracle database and extracts SQL log
  • Sends a log to SQLdep via REST API for automated analysis
  • Loads the rank back to into Catalog after computation for every column

To run the workflow you need a SQLdep account. Feel free to open one at https://sqldep.com and you will get a free 30 day trial.

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Release Notes

Initial release


Collibra DGC
Mule ESB

License Requirements

Collibra Catalog or Data Dictionary
Collibra Connect

No previous versions of this listing is available.

Pricing will be based on how many SQL queries customer needs to process.

$15,000 / year for less then 10,000 queries per upload

$30,000 / year for less then 45,000 queries per upload

$50,000 / year for unlimited edition


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