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Alteryx to Collibra Integration

Published by: Collibra Marketplace
Latest version: 1.0.0
Released: July 13, 2022
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For this specific integration (and all other Custom Integrations listed on the Collibra Marketplace), please read the following disclaimer:

  • This integration is a template that has been developed in cooperation with a few select clients based on their custom use cases and business needs.
  • While all effort has been made to encompass a range of typical usage scenarios, specific needs beyond this may require chargeable template customization.
  • With this in mind, we have made sure that the template is available as source code and readily modifiable to suit the client's particular use case.

Alteryx is a software solution that allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data. The way Alteryx builds workflows becomes a form of process documentation allowing users to see, collaborate on, support, and enhance the process. Data can be read and written to files, databases, and APIs.

This integration will extract the information about workflows from the configured Alteryx Gallery instance and ingest this information into Collibra as assets and relations. This information will be focused on the inputs and outputs of every workflow.

Use Cases

This integration allows the user to get visibility of the Alteryx workflows details and lineage by being able to visualize the inputs that Alteryx workflows are receiving (databases and files) as well as the outputs where the data is returned (writing in a database, a file or posting to a Tableau server). The integration also provides some information like the queries used to read the corresponding input data from a database.

Elements in Scope

The integration is designed to retrieve the following metadata from Alteryx:

  • Server: Identifies the Alteryx Gallery from where the metadata is obtained.
  • Alteryx Package: A .yxzp file is a workflow package that includes an Alteryx workflow (in other words, .yxmd, .yxmc, or .yxwz) and all its dependencies zipped into a single file. This is what is exported from Alteryx Gallery.
  • Alteryx Workflow: An Alteryx workflow which can be ‘Workflow’, ‘Macro’ or ‘Analytic App’ (.yxmd, .yxmc, or .yxwz)

Apart from the items mentioned above, the integration will generate assets for the following types of inputs and outputs in a workflow:


  • Database
  • File


  • Tableau server
  • Database
  • File

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More details

Release Notes

Initial release.

Main features:

A Spring Boot integration that retrieves metadata about the existing workflows in an Alteryx Gallery instance, transforms and ingest them on the Collibra Platform instance as assets and relations.

  • Spring Boot Framework
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Collibra Cloud
  • Collibra 5.7.5 and newer
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8
  • Spring Boot Integration Library
  • Alteryx Admin V1 API version 1.0
  • Alteryx Gallery instance
License and Usage Requirements
  • Collibra Catalog
  • Alteryx

Release History

No previous versions of this listing is available.

Support is provided in accordance with the Marketplace Terms.

To receive support on this item, you can engage our Professional Services team or post any questions in the Data Citizens Community.

The following terms shall apply to the extent you receive the source code to this offering.

Notwithstanding the terms of the Binary Code License Agreement under which this integration template is licensed, Collibra grants you, the Licensee, the right to access the source code to the integrated template in order to copy and modify said source code for Licensee’s internal use purposes and solely for the purpose of developing connections and/or integrations with Collibra products and services.

Solely with respect to this integration template, the term “Software,” as defined under the Binary Code License Agreement, shall include the source code version thereof. Except with respect to the foregoing, all remaining terms of the Binary Code License Agreement shall apply to the license of integration template hereunder.


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