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    • What are the benefits of getting listed in Collibra Marketplace?
      • Exposure of your expertise to the vibrant and rapidly growing community of data citizens.
      • Changing the way people collaborate around data.
      • Interacting and sharing with the wider data citizen community.
        • What do I need to get my listing published in Collibra Marketplace?
            • Each section of Collibra Marketplace has a set of requirements:
              • Solution Provider
                  • The category of your listing, e.g. workflow, integration, UI addon, etc.
                  • The use cases of your listing, e.g. BI & Analytics, GDPR, Data Lake, etc.
                  • The target audience, industry and business function of your listing.
                  • Determine who can set up your listing.
                  • A short and a long description of your listing.
                  • Screenshots, diagrams, etc (optional).
                  • Datasheet (optional).
              • Solution Lab – In addition to the requirements in Solution Provider, you need the following:
                  • Version of your package.
                  • The package file.
                  • Documentation.
                  • Release notes.
                  • Dependencies.
                  • License requirements
              • Solution Exchange – In addition to the requirements in Solution Provider and Solution Lab, you need the following:
                • Having passed the Collibra certification (see below for a list of requirements).
                • Information about how you support your listing’s users.
                • Information about your commercial plan.
                • To get your listing certified by Collibra you need to provide information about:
                  • The architecture of your code.
                  • The review of your code.
                  • The QA of your listing.
                  • Any prior deployment of your listing.
          • How can I edit my listings?
            • At any time you can edit your listings or add new versions to an existing listing. You can access you dashboard from your profile dropdown.

      • How can I propose a new item (integration, workflow, etc) in the Marketplace?

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