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Help & Contact

Help & Contact

  • How is Collibra Marketplace organised?
    • Collibra Marketplace publishes listings in the following three sections.
      1. Solution Provider: You can get listed here very fast to support your go-to-market with Collibra. This is the section where you can present your listing and datasheet but no downloadable package.
      2. Solution Lab: In order to be qualified for this section you need to provide a downloadable file and documentation. Listings in this section can also get certified.
      3. Solution Exchange: To qualify for this section you must have passed the Collibra certification test. In addition you need to provide information about your commercial procedures and how you will support your product’s customers.
  • What are the benefits of getting listed in Collibra Marketplace?
    • Exposure of your expertise to the vibrant and rapidly growing community of data citizens.
    • Changing the way people collaborate around data.
    • Interacting and sharing with the wider data citizen community.
  • What do I need to get my listing published in Collibra Marketplace?
    • Each section of Collibra Marketplace has a set of requirements:
      • Solution Provider
        1. The category of your listing, e.g. workflow, integration, UI addon, etc.
        2. The use cases of your listing, e.g. BI & Analytics, GDPR, Data Lake, etc.
        3. The target audience, industry and business function of your listing.
        4. Determine who can set up your listing.
        5. A short and a long description of your listing.
        6. Screenshots, diagrams, etc (optional).
        7. A datasheet – a PDF presenting your listing (optional).
      • Solution Lab – In addition to the requirements in Solution Provider, you need the following:
        1. Version of your package.
        2. The package file.
        3. Documentation.
        4. Release notes.
        5. Dependencies.
        6. License requirements
      • Solution Exchange – In addition to the requirements in Solution Provider and Solution Lab, you need the following:
        1. Having passed the Collibra certification (see below for a list of requirements).
        2. Information about how you support your listing’s users.
        3. Information about your commercial plan.
    • To get your listing certified by Collibra you need to provide information about:
      1. The architecture of your code.
      2. The review of your code.
      3. The QA of your listing.
      4. Any prior deployment of your listing.
  • How can I edit my listings?
    • At any time you can edit your listings or add new versions to an existing listing. You can access you dashboard from your profile dropdown.

  • What is my display name?
    • Your display name is the name that visitors to marketplace will see as the author of your listings.
  • How to edit your display name?
    •  In your dashboard, click on the settings’ icon to edit your display name.

  • How can I propose a new item (integration, workflow, etc) in the Marketplace?

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